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Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly

Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly

  • Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly
  • Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly
  • Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly
Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Nnajing, China
Brand Name: Dahua Sling
Certification: CE TUV/GS ISO
Model Number: Round sling
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: 8 USD
Packaging Details: Shrink film, carton and pallets
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Detailed Product Description
Year Of Establish: 1993 Location: Nanjing
Usage: LIFTING Color: Red
Surface: Seamless Tubular Cover Item: Polyester Endless Round Slings
W.L.L: 1000kg To 100,000kg Standard Of Endless Round Lifting Sling: Standard European Standard EN1492-2:2000 And Chinese Standard JB/T8521-2007
Round Sling Capacity: Capacity 1t~3000t
High Light:

polyester round slings


round lifting slings

Round Polyester Lifting Slings (endless round slings). Conforms to BS EN 1492-2 - Range from 1000kg to 100,000kg​


About Polyester Round Slings for Lifting

Polyester is a Synthetic man made material that is lightweight and is a certified lifting sling to conform with EN 1492-2:2000 it makes a very cost effective lifting sling that is soft to touch and much less likely to cause damage the material being lifted; it will not cause the type of injuries to the user associated with wire rope sling (cuts caused by broken wires, manual handling or impact injuries). Round lifting slings are more compact and lightweight than both wire rope or chain slings (Dyneema is lighter and stronger) and as a result is much easier to handle.

Fibre round slings are comparatively cheap compared to most alternative lifting slings and tend to be more flexible, lighter, and have a better FOS, the end result being that the customer tends to save money with the purchase and achieves greater productivity from staff operating.

On the negative side endless slings do have less abrasive resistance though this can be overcome by using a wear sleeve made from either polyester or from polyurethane (round the sling or bonded onto the sling, Secutex for example). Other alternative method to provide sling protection would be to use steel end fitting such as a Joker hook or Grade 80/100 master rings and hooks; or the use of corner protectors, contact us for further alternatives.

Our preference is to supply top quality polyester round lifting slings made in the UK as they are well made and the manufacturer can provide a comprehensive quality and technical service. We carry stocks of 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg, 5000kg etc... in many different lengths though also make special polyester endless lifting slings to the customers specification up to 100 tonne SWL.

3 Tonne Round Sling
Multi Purpose Polyester Endless Round Slings 1000kg - 100,000kg Eco Friendly 0

Wear Protection Sleeves

Single Part Protective Sleeve

Single Part Wear Resistance Protective Sleeve - Covers a single part
Double Part Protective Sleeve

Double Part Wear Resistance Protective Sleeve - Covers both parts

Sling Capacities and Colour Codes

Colour Code Sling Width Roundsling_vert_img Roundsling_choke_img Roundsling_basket_img Roundsling_basket-45_img Roundsling_basket-90_img
Straight x WLL (kg) Choked x 0.8 WLL (kg) Basket x 2 WLL (kg) 45 degree basket x 1.8 WLL (kg) 90 degree basket x 1.4 WLL (kg)
Violet (purple) 50mm 1000 800 2000 1800 1400
Green 52mm 2000 1600 4000 3600 2800
Yellow 60mm 3000 2400 6000 5400 4200
Grey 70mm 4000 3200 8000 7200 5600
Red 80mm 5000 4000 10000 9000 7000
Brown 90mm 6000 4800 12000 10800 8400
Blue 104mm 8000 6400 16000 14400 11200
Orange 110mm 10000 8000 20000 18000 14000
Orange 128mm 12000 9600 24000 21600 16800
Orange 150mm 15000 12000 30000 27000 21000
Orange 152mm 20000 16000 40000 36000 28000
Orange 175mm 25000 20000 50000 45000 35000
Orange 175mm 30000 24000 60000 54000 42000
Orange - 40000 32000 80000 72000 56000
Orange - 50000 40000 100000 90000 70000
Orange - 60000 48000 120000 108000 84000
Orange - 70000 56000 140000 126000 98000
Orange - 80000 64000 160000 144000 112000
Orange - 90000 72000 180000 162000 126000
Orange - 100000 80000 200000 180000




Use and Inspection:
Before each use, all slings, fastenings and attachments should be inspected for defects and damage. Additional inspections should be performed on a regular basis. Damaged or defective slings should be removed and destroyed immediately.

A sling should be removed from service if damage such as the following is visible:
  • Acid or caustic burns.
  • Melting or charring of any part of the sling.
  • Holes, tears, cuts or snags.
  • Excessive abrasive wear.
  • Knots in any part of the sling.
  • Excessive pitting, corrosion, cracking or distortion in end fittings
  • Other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the sling.
How to Order:
To select your round sling, we will need to know:


  • The maximum weight and size of load to be lifted.
  • The length of the sling needed for your application. (Be sure to take into account whether the sling will be used in a vertical, choker or basket capacity).

Using this information, we will match the correct round sling for your application. Each Round Sling is marked with a Rated Capacities Tag for your reference in the field.




  • Overall Length Measurement Sling Body Diameter Measurement



These slings adapt to all types, sizes, and load configurations while remaining lightweight and easy to rig, clean, and store. They offer excellent resistance to UV light, rot, and mildew. They also do not lose any strength in water and reach only 3% elongation.

This product can be exposed to high heat up to a maximum of 180°. Additionally, the absence of any metal parts in this product eliminates rust concerns and reduces the need for wear pads.

Rated Loads cited are based on minimum pin diameters shown in WSTDA-WS-1. Pin Diameters smaller than these may reduce the rated load of the sling.

Colour guidelines for polyester round sling covers are widely used to indicate the vertical rated load of round slings: however this is not followed by some manufacturers. Always select and use round slings by the rated load as shown on the sling identification tag.  


Payment Terms

Payment Ways Payment arrival time
T/T 3-5 working days
Western Union 1-24 hours
PayPal Immediately (but PayPal need to charge 4% handling fee)


Shipping methord Arrival time
FEDEX 4-6 working days

3-5 working days

UPS 3-7 working days
EMS 3-7 working days
BY AIR 7-10 working days

35-45 working days

About us
Nanjing Dahua Speical Belt Knit Co. Ltd is a professional manufacture of Polyester Lifting Slings, ratchet tie downs, webbing tow straps and customized webbing equipments. We constantlyfocus on the requirements of our customers, and ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations. Welcome to our company and look forward to hearing from you.


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